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The Price of Football

Aberdeen 12750034The Price of Football, the largest study of its type in Europe, looked at costs at 227 clubs in 13 leagues across Britain.

More than 700 tickets were analysed.

70.15% saw a price freeze or reduction for the 2015-16 season. Some 51.91% were held, while 18.24% of tickets were reduced.

Just less than 30% of tickets surveyed were more expensive this season.

The average cost of a football shirt is £42.18 for adults and £33.66 for children.

In the Premier League this rises to £49.68 and £38.42 thanks to a 4.82% increase in the average price this season.

Inflation, as measured by the Consumer Price Index, was -0.1% in September and has been almost flat since hitting a then-record low of 0.3% in January.

The Price of Football surveys the cost of the cheapest and most expensive match day and season tickets, as well as the cost of a pie, programme, cup of tea and adult and junior replica shirts.

Now in its fifth year, the study found the following concerning Scotland:

  • The SPL’s cheapest ticket now costs £20.17 on average after a 1.2% fall in price. Less than England’s Championship and League One.
  • The average price of the cheapest match-day ticket in Scottish football’s top flight now costs £20.17 on average after a 1.2% fall in price. This is less than England’s Championship and League One.
  • The most expensive season ticket in Scotland is sold by Celtic, at £559, but that fell in price by £41 this season.
  • Aberdeen’s £55 shirt is the most expensive in Scotland and the joint second highest in the UK, while their £43 junior shirt was the costliest in Scotland and third highest in the study.
  • In Scotland, at £1.20, the cheapest pies are at Forfar and Queen’s Park.
  • The most expensive cup of tea in the top four divisions of Scottish football can be bought at Celtic, Dundee, Dundee United, and Inverness at £2.20.
  • The cheapest can be bought at Scottish League two side Elgin City for 60p. The cheapest in England is for 80p at Braintree.

SD Scotland have conducted considerable research into the price of football in Scotland and earlier this year produced this short video:


SD Scotland would like clubs in Scotland to consider proactive and creative ways of encouraging greater attendance at games such as:

  • Free second ticket for season book holders;
  • Kids go free;
  • Pay what you want;
  • Consultation with fans over pricing; and
  • Free tickets for the unemployed.

While none of the above initiatives can guarantee increased ticket sales, higher attendance, or revenue through match day spend, they do serve to provide food for thought and possible solutions to the current problem of half-empty stadia.

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