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SD Scotland Election and AGM – Nominations Sought

Nominations are now being sought in the election to the Board of Directors of Supporters Direct Scotland. Since our incorporation locally in Scotland at the end of 2017 we have operated with an interim board, all of whom will step down at our AGM (full details of which will follow in the coming weeks) in June to open up all positions for election.

Our rules currently describe our board composition as:

  1. Up to eight Directors elected by and from the Society’s members; (provided that no Member shall be represented by more than one Director)
  2. Up to three Directors elected annually by and from the Society’s Associates
  3. Up to one Director nominated by Supporters Direct, a Society registered under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014, registration 29581R (or any body that succeeds to its function)

Nominations can only be made by members, but they can nominate as many candidates as they wish. Our Associate members (i.e. individuals who contribute financially to our Patreon fund) can nominate candidates for election to the three positions in (2) above, but have no other voting rights at the AGM.

Nominations from the Society’s members must be supported by a proposing organisation and a supporting organisation, both of which must be in full membership of Supporters Direct Scotland. Please check the membership status of your nominating & seconding organisations before submitting your application form. Nominations from the Society’s Associates can be made initially without a proposer and seconder – details of candidates without this information will be circulated amongst the Associates prior to an election to allow a proposer and seconder to be identified.

Nomination forms can be downloaded here (member nomination) and here (associate nomination). Completed nominations must be received in the Supporters Direct Scotland office by 12 noon on Monday 20th May 2019.

A ballot of members will be conducted if the number of candidates exceeds the number of seats available at the closing date of nominations. Voting instructions and supplementary papers shall be sent to eligible Members and Associates. The count shall be conducted under a simple majority system, with each voter having the ability to indicate support for as many candidates as there are places to be elected. In the event that two or more candidates receive the same number of votes their position will be determined by drawing lots.

Further information is available from by email (), or by post at Supporters Direct Scotland, Falkirk Business Centre, 118 North Main Street, Carronshore, FK2 8HR.

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