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Scottish FA supports Infantino bid for FIFA Presidency

The Scottish FA today announced they will cast their vote for Gianni Infantino at the forthcoming FIFA Presidential Election in Zurich. As a member of the Scottish FA Congress as a body representing the interests of supporter groups, Supporters Direct Scotland (SDS) played a role in the Scottish FA’s consultation process when choosing their candidate for the forthcoming FIFA Elections.

During the process of identifying a preferred candidate, the Scottish FA Board consulted with the wider Scottish football family via the Congress meeting in February. Congress includes representatives from league bodies and affiliates, PFA Scotland, Supporters Direct Scotland, Coaches and Managers’ Association, sportscotland, Scottish Senior Football Referees Association and Scottish Football Writers’ Association.

The chairman of Supporters Direct Scotland Neil Bone, the organisation’s representative within the Congress, said the following:

“We believe this is an historic opportunity to reform FIFA and we support all measures to improve the governance and transparency of the organisation. We believe that the best candidate will be the one who leads big change, embraces openness and transparency, and who fundamentally restores good governance and – the good reputation – to international football’s leading organisation.

“We believe one key reform should be that no president should serve more than two consecutive terms of office and we urge the new holder of the office to abide by that.“

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