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Rangers First increase stake in club to 2%

Rangers First

Fans’ group Rangers First have announced that they have increased their stake in the Ibrox club to 2%. The group, who now have over 11,700 members have also signalled their intention to vote in favour of Dave King’s proposals at next months EGM to oust the current board at Rangers.

Rangers First, which was set up with help from Supporters Direct Scotland, has been purchasing shares for several months, with a huge increase in interest since the new year, with the club’s EGM on March 6th proving a significant motivational factor for fans.

The group has also attracted interest from former Rangers players, with the likes of Jorg Albertz, Claudio Reyna and Richard Gough becoming members over the last couple of months. It was also announced today that Rangers First has proxy over a further 0.5% of shares in the lead up to the EGM.

In a statement, Rangers First spokesman Ricki Neill said: “Rangers First has certainly captured the imagination of supporters and we are delighted to announce an increased shareholding of 2% in Rangers Football Club with a further 0.5% in proxies.

“I am thrilled with the growth of our organisation in just a few months as we have gone from having meetings with a small group of supporters to just under 12,000 members and there is no doubt Rangers First will have a crucial role to play at the forthcoming General Meeting and beyond.

“Our members have overwhelmingly voted in favour of Dave King’s resolutions and, like many supporters around the world, we will be heard.”

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