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CSC Affiliation Statement on Celtic FC Ticket Subsidisation

Scottish Fans Network members the Celtic Supporters Club Affiliation made this statement following the news Celtic FC had agreed to pay £6 of each supporter’s £26 ticket fee for their upcoming game against Kilmarnock FC:

“Celtics announcement today that will see all fans travelling to Kilmarnock charged £20 for adult tickets with Celtic covering the remaining £6 of the ticket cost price, is one that is fully welcomed by us.

We had planned a protest before the game to highlight the massive inconsistencies with ticket pricing and policy in Scotland but this has now been postponed to allow us to focus fully on supporting our team and also support this gesture by the club.

We have made our views on ticket prices and difficulties faced by the away fan to the club over a long period and we are delighted that they have listened.

The time to dissect the circumstances of this decision is not now and rest assured our voice won’t be silenced in the future because of this.

We still believe ticket prices are too high across the board and that the £20 price should be the maximum an adult should pay to attend a football match in Scotland.

We will take stock after Saturday on what our next move will be.

The club have made clear the value of the away support with this gesture. That fact cannot be argued. Just as the EPL made clear of the value of an away support last week with their announcement of the £30 away ticket cap.

We want the SPFL to take the lead from our near neighbours and call for them to introduce a £20 away cap for next season.

Today’s announcement could change ticket pricing in Scotland but we have to play our part. Let’s buy tickets and take our largest away support to Kilmarnock for a number of seasons.

Show the club and Scottish football that Twenty’s Plenty.”

We are supportive of the CSC’s efforts and congratulate Celtic FC in effectively making the ticket price for supporters £20. You can join the Scottish Fans Network and have your say on key issues within the game by signing up here.

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