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Community to Sponsor Supporters Summit


Supporters Direct Scotland are pleased to announce that ‘Community‘ will be sponsoring the Supporters Summit.

Like Supporters Direct, Community are a membership organisation that offer services; from representation at work, to great benefits such as comprehensive family auto cover.

Andrew Jenkin, Head of Supporters Direct Scotland said “We’re really pleased to welcome Community on board as sponsors for this event. SDS and Community have much synergy in their values and we hope this is the start of a positive relationship with Community and thank them for their support with this event which helps empower and inform supporters across Scotland.”

John Park, Assistant General Secretary of Community, said: “Community is a modern union for a changing world. Football is a multi-billion pound industry yet too often the fans and the low-paid staff at clubs lose out. I’m delighted that Community has been able to support this event and hope we will be able to work closely with Supporters Direct and individual clubs as we seek to support fans and staff alike.”

Tickets for the event are available via the form below or by contacting .


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