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Colours of our Scarves part of Commendation Award

We were delighted that our anti-discrimination programme ‘Colours of our Scarves’ was part of a Commendation Award for Ayrshire College in the ‘Inclusive College of the Year’ category at the College Development Network Awards last week.

Colours of our Scarves project manager Mark Reid attended the event with Ayrshire College whose students had delivered a superb ‘Say Naw To Racism’ campaign as part of Colours of our Scarves and the College’s own Week of Action to promote equality and tackle discrimination.

Mark Reid, Project Director at SD Scotland, said “We are delighted to once again work with the Sport and Fitness students at Ayrshire College. The students have demonstrated a real desire to improve their own local community by attempting to tackle prejudice and hate behaviour. The event at Ayrshire College should be a fun and informative day.”

David Dougan, Sport and Fitness lecturer at Ayrshire College, said “The anti-racism event is an excellence way to educate Ayrshire College students on equality issues. The event is completely student-led and provides a unique, real-life experience which is vital to their development. This event will strengthen our partnership with Supporters Direct Scotland and other local community groups.”

Megan Sim, HND Sports Coaching student at Ayrshire College, said “Our event is a good way for us to show how proud we are of the many cultures that co-exist within our community. I feel this event will help pull people together and get the students involved in learning about different cultures.”

We’d like to congratulate all the winners from the night.

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