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Clarification on potential ‘Right to Buy’ for supporters groups

Scottish Parliament

Following reports in today’s media regarding the potential right to buy for football supporters groups, Supporters Direct Scotland is moving to clarify exactly what was agreed to at Parliament yesterday and what the next steps may be.

The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill was debated and voted on yesterday at Holyrood, so now moves to Royal Assent to become an Act. Although this is a very diverse bill, a significant part of it relates specifically to football.

The Scottish Government amendments removed all of the previous amendments put forward at stage 2 for an explicit right to buy and replaced them with a framework to allow regulations to be brought forward in the future. What has been agreed is for a consultation process to begin. Ministers have not yet decided on which option to bring forward regulations on and are looking for the consultation to help provide this clarity and are therefore open minded whether these should be framed around a right to buy, a right to bid, a right to govern or a right to be involved.

It is expected that this process could take another two to three years, but it is a positive step that such potential legislation is being debated on at Parliamentary level.

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