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Scottish Government Announce Community Empowerment Bill Consultation Details

The Scottish Government today announced details of their consultation processing looking at supporters’ involvement in football governance.

In a note from Jamie Hepburn MSP, he said “The Scottish Government is committed to ensuring that Scottish football supporters have the opportunity to be involved in the decision making and running of their football club wherever possible. It is for that reason we believe it is important to bring forward legislation that protects the rights of football fans whilst also enhancing and strengthening the sustainability of Scottish football clubs. I recognise that there are already some clubs that engage well with their fan base, but I believe we could do better and I welcome this opportunity to start a discussion about how fans’ rights can be better protected. The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill was passed by the Scottish Parliament at Stage 3 on 17 June 2015, and the final legislation, the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 includes a provision that Scottish Ministers must consult on a range of different options to enhance supporter involvement in Scottish football clubs. The views of those responding to the consultation will inform the nature and scope of subsequent regulations to be introduced under these powers by Scottish Ministers. This consultation seeks to establish the support for each of the main options – a right to influence, a right to govern, a right to bid, and a right to buy. As and when a preferred option emerges as a result of this consultation, we will undertake further, more detailed and technical consideration to ensure whichever option is pursued is workable and doesn’t result in any unintended consequences. To ensure that the views of supporters, supporters’ organisations, football clubs, leagues, players and anyone else with an interest in football are heard, I am pleased to publish this consultation and would encourage you to take part. I look forward to considering the responses”

We at Supporters Direct Scotland have committed to assisting the Government with this process and look forward to engaging our members and networks within this consultation.

You can find details of how to engage within the consultation process and have your say on the Scottish Government’s website. 

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