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Supporter Liaison Officers

In partnership with the Scottish FA, we operate and run the Supporter Liaison Officer (often abbreviated to SLO) programme. The SLO role requires clubs participating in UEFA competitions to appoint a full-time member of staff  to work and engage with supporters, acting as a key point of contact. The introduction of this licensing requirement constitutes a landmark in club-supporter relations and emphasises the importance attached to dialogue and communication between clubs and fans.

Benefits of the SLO role have been identified by UEFA as including:

  • improved relationships with fans (national team supporters’ club, national fan organisations, relevant fan groups at club level),
  • greater insight into supporter viewpoints,
  • financial benefits through bigger crowds, higher merchandise sales and sponsorship revenue with fans feeling a closer identification
  • and less violence with better conflict management.

Our activities include the creation and distribution of a best practice handbook, a development day and communication channels for SLOs to network and share ideas among themselves.

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