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£500k Contributed to Greenock Morton from Morton Club Together

Morton Club Together (MCT) is closing in on an incredible £500,000 in total contributions to Greenock Morton.

Come January 2023, MCT will have contributed £500,000 to Greenock Morton since its inception in April 2019. Currently there are around 940 members paying a minimum of £10 each month, and everything that comes in to MCT goes towards improving every aspect of the football club.

Morton Club Together founder, and Greenock Morton board member, Graham McLennan, said, “I couldn’t be prouder of how Morton fans and the Inverclyde community have clubbed together to support MCT and our football club.

“What we’ve been able to achieve in such a short time, since the summer of 2019, is nothing short of remarkable. We owe all of that down to our members, who have been passionately contributing each month to move Morton forward.”

Greenock Morton board member, Graham Barr, added, “The club and MCT boards are working closely together on more projects that will show fans we’re here to work as hard as we possibly can to grow the football club we all love.

“Having been involved at MCT since day one, and on the Morton Board as an MCT representative for over a year, it can’t be understated just how incredible the backing of supporters has been to get us to the stage we are at now.

“Everyone is pulling towards the same goal. It’s an exciting time to be a Greenock Morton fan.”

It’s never too late to join MCT. Every penny contributed increases the chances of a better and brighter future for Morton and our community.

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