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Supporters Surveys

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We’ve worked in association with the Scottish FA and SPFL to deliver the Scottish Football Supporters Survey since 2012.

“The Scottish Football Supporters Survey is now the definitive forum for supporters of all clubs at all levels to have their say on the key issues that affect the national game. The Scottish FA now factors these results into our marketing and communications strategy planning to provide a better experience for fans at all of our matches across the board.



It is an invaluable piece of research and insight, one that has helped shape our strategy and provide food for thought in recent years at board level, via our Congress – the only forum fully representative of the whole game – and at our Convention, where many speakers have presented based on supporter sentiment.”



Stewart Regan, Scottish FA Chief Executive

The survey gives supporters a chance to give their views on a range of issues including governance, football and society, grassroots, performance and the matchday experience, knowing the results will be taking into account by decision makers.

“The SPFL recognises and supports the important role that SD Scotland has to play in representing the views of supporters across the country.



It’s pleasing to note that progress has been made since last year’s survey, including SD Scotland enjoying direct dialogue with key broadcast partners as well as both ourselves at the SPFL and colleagues at the Scottish FA welcoming SD Scotland attendance and input at scheduled quarterly meetings.



The findings of the annual survey and feedback at these meetings will be shared with key groups within the SPFL including the SPFL Board and our working groups covering competitions and communications.



Neil Doncaster, SPFL Chief Executive

Since starting the Survey, SDS have worked in partnership with the games’ governing bodies to introduce a cycle of change for supporter on key issues from results of the survey with results being used in the following ways:

• The Scottish FA, SPFL and Supporters Direct Scotland will publish the full survey results in a comprehensive format

• Supporters Direct Scotland will identify key “supporter asks”

• These will be presented to the Scottish FA Congress and SFA/SPFL through SDS

To date, supporter views have been taken on board and helped achieve the implementation of innovations such as:

• The creation of a single league body, the SPFL

• The creation of the Premiership Play-Offs

• The appointment of SDS and other independent groups (Players, Coaches and Referee Representatives) to the Scottish FA Congress

• The reformatting of the League Cup

You can see the results of the survey over the years by clicking the Year’s survey you wish to view in the right hand side menu.


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