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Fans Bank: the culmination of years of hard work

6 May 2021
With Scots heading to the polls today, football may not be uppermost in our minds. Our decisions about which box to mark our cross in will be complex, weighing... more >

ESL – after the dust has settled

28 April 2021
During the chaos of the attempted breakaway by 12 of Europe’s biggest clubs we proposed a better way forward, drawing on the work of SD Europe and Football Supporters... more >

European Super League – Could There Be A Better Way?

19 April 2021
The idea of a European Super League has been around for a while, but has sent seismic shockwaves through the sport over the last 24 hours. With 12 clubs... more >

Giving Volunteers The Space To Make A Difference

18 April 2021
Shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic, Supporters Direct Scotland were selected as a recipient of the first SD Europe Fund, for a project studying the approach to volunteer management in... more >

Football Without Fans Is Nothing

16 April 2021
When Jock Stein originally spoke about the importance of fans, he probably didn’t consider that it would become part of the universal language of football more than 40 years... more >
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