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Schools of Football

Scottish FA SOF

The Colours of our Scarves programme first started delivering bespoke workshops for the players and staff within the Scottish Football Associations, School of Football programme in 2015 through a pilot programme at Braidhurst High School in the SFA’s Central development region.

In 2016, the project witnessed an expansion on this and a national delivery plan was implemented to ensure all regions across the country received training, support and guidance around tackling the issue of inequality and hate behaviour within and around sport.

The programme included provision for every School of Football throughout Scotland and with continued Scottish government funding for the 2017/2018 term the project will also now include the new 6 bespoke girls only centres across Scotland.

School of Football participants are engaged to examine their own roles and responsibilities as a teammate, classmate, friend, role models and SOF participant. The project works with the players to look at providing them with an ability to better recognise inappropriate behaviour and furthermore provides them with and understanding of the “what to do” should they witness it or are directly affected by it in any way.

Supporters Direct Scotland and the Colours of our Scarves programme is committed to creating sporting environments both for the competitors and spectators that is free from judgement, open to all and breaking down the barriers around intolerance of any form.

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